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WELSHLY ARMS combines their love of blues with rhythm and soul & good ol’ rock and roll, to create a fresh throwback sound that represents their Midwestern roots. Comprised of Sam Getz (vocals/guitar), Brett Lindemann (keys/vocals), Jimmy Weaver (bass/vocals), and Mikey Gould (drums), Cleveland-based WELSHLY ARMS pays homage to many of their collective musical influences. Listen to “The Touch” or “Two Seconds Too Late” from their debut E.P. Welcome, and you just might hear a little Jimi Hendrix, The Temptations, Otis Redding, or Howlin Wolf.

The power of their live show has quickly built them a dedicated following in Ohio and has set the stage for things to tip into a national following in 2016 with performances confirmed on/at The Rock Boat, SXSW, Summerfest, ACL and more. Within the last year alone, their music has been featured in the movie trailer for the Jack Black Film “The D Train,” a national TV/radio campaign for the Cleveland Indians, the promo for the new Netflix show Sense8 and the movie trailer for the new Quentin Tarantino movie, Hateful Eight.



 Tonight's SOLD OUT show at @irvingplaza is underway! #nyc #newyorkstateofmind #cleinnyc  So many great moments on #therockboat, but Monday night's set on the pool deck was one for the books. Thanks to everyone who made that night extra special.  The Rock Boat #famshly!  #therockboat #piratesofthecaribbean #squad  "Na na na na na na!" #thetouch #therockboat #nashville  Hurricane Welshly will be sweeping through the Midwest, South and Northeast very, very soon. You have been warned!
 Music Video Part two  We just found out that "Legendary" is currently the #55 single on the iTunes Rock chart in the US. Wow and thank you!  On the boat and ready to set sail! #therockboat #tampa  Hello Nashville! We are at the High Watt tonight. Show is at 8 PM. See you there! #nashville #tour #therockboat  If you come to one of these shows you will experience great riches, flourishing relationships and instantly have perfectly clear skin. That may not be 100% true but we promise you'll leave with a smile on your face.
 Can't wait for tomorrow's sold out show at Irving Plaza with our friends @ripelove @lawrencetheband! See you soon NYC!  #latergram Getting set up for the combined @welshlyarms & @wildadriatic superjam that happened Saturday night on #therockboat! Special guests included members of Melodine, Sister Hazel and more. So much fun!  We're still feeling the good vibes from last night in #Charlotte as we head to #Tampa for five days on #therockboat!  #tour #ontheroad  The spirit of rock and roll is alive and well. Tonight's show is underway! #akron #ohio  Living in Harmony. #acousticlegendary
 What's up #Atlanta - the party is here (and just getting started)! 🤘  While we have a brief bit of cell reception - #therockboat has been unreal. So many fun collaborations! Here's one with our friend @stephen_kellogg. He guested on a cover of "the Letter". More updates when cell reception returns   Feeling the love in #Charlotte tonight! Thanks to all our friends who came out to show support. #nc #tour #therockboat  You can find us on the dance floor, you can find us in the record store, or you can find us at @musicaakron tonight! Excited to end the big weekend with our best buds @nickdbelievers! Show starts at 8:30




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